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Living in Alaska is quite an experience. Sure, it is a wonderful place to dwell with fascinating sights, but you must put up with harsh elements to live here too. Driving around in this massive state takes a 4-wheel drive or AWD automobile. Can you imagine trying to navigate through the icy, snow covered roads with just a car? There is not one part of this region that is immune to the cold, wintry blasts. Living here makes it imperative to have a vehicle that is in a safe, operational condition. You may need a new car. However, due to a low credit score getting financed may seem to be impossible. Well, the good news is that you can get financing even if you have slow pay, charge-offs, repossessions, or a bankruptcy on your credit report. There are numerous lenders who specialize in helping those with challenged credit.

Driving In Alaska

The city of Valdez gets an average of 326 inches of snow a year and this is just one city with higher than average accumulation. Because of the harsh elements here, the state has some stringent regulations on driving. Though they don’t require any emissions testing or other inspections, they do give green drivers a discount on their auto insurance. Buying a car that is eco-friendly in this state may save you big time. Since insurance is so high in this area, you need any discount you can get. Alaska allows teenage drivers to get a learning permit at age 14. However, they cannot get a provisional license until they are 16. Finally, drivers cannot receive a full and unrestricted license until their 18th birthday. Those who become an adult may not have good credit. Chances are, they probably will have no credit. Thankfully, bad credit lenders also work with those who have little or no credit too.


Anchorage is the biggest city in Alaska. In fact, more than half of the state’s entire population lives here. Cramming 396,142 people into this area makes for some crazy driving. Because this area lies between the mountains and the sea, it has something for everyone. You may live or visit here to fish the salmon-rich waters. Nature enthusiasts love to come explore the more than 122 miles of paved bike paths. Since the Alyeska Resort is just a short 45-minute drive away, there is entertainment close by. You can’t get anywhere in this city without a car. If you have bad credit, it may leave you wondering what to do. However, you can get bad credit financing and get the car you need for this harsh climate.


Juneau is the capital city of Alaska, and it has been the state’s capital since 1906. The Eaglecrest Ski Area is one of the most fascinating parts of the city. Holkham Bay is just a short jaunt away. It has breathtakingly beautiful waters that are home to all sorts of cold sea critters. Here, you can watch an iceberg floating by. You can also see a penguin frolicking in the waters. This wilderness area is a must for those who want to see nature in its raw form. Consequently, you will get nowhere in Juneau without good transportation. The roads here are horrible in the winter. It would be dangerous to break down in a vehicle that is not safe. There is no reason to drive in something not made for these elements. Bad credit auto loans help everyone get financed.


Haines is known as the adventure capital of the state. There are numerous resorts for skiing, snowboarding, and even Heli-skiing. Many cruise ships dock and load here, and it is known for its vast beauty. In fact, many come to take on the white-water rapids on the Chilkat River. Be sure to bring along a fishing pole if you are new to the area. The Alaska’s Pacific salmon fishing is out of this world. If you are a fan of birds, then you will love the Bald Eagle Festival. Each year, more than 3,500 bald eagles migrate to the Chilkat River Valley to nest. People come from around the world to see these sites. Even though this is a small town, the Haines Highway can get quite busy with all the tourism. Even if you have bad credit or just started your job, bad credit loans can help you get into a vehicle to keep up with the demand sin Haines.


Fairbanks is in the interior section of the state, and they don’t get as much snowfall as other areas. As the second most populous metropolitan area in Alaska, they have more than 99,357 people that live here. They are only miles south of the Arctic Circle, so things can get pretty cold here. It is known as America’s coldest city. With temperatures reaching as low as −60 to −75 °F, you need to make sure you have a dependable car. Even if you’re on a budget, bad credit car loans can make sure you get into a car you can afford. No one wants to be trapped on the side of the road in Fairbanks.


Ketchikan has 13,787 residents. Many tourists flock to the area to see the Misty Fjords National Monument. This area is so beautiful that many people dub it “The Yosemite of the North.” If you live or visit the area often, then you know all about the seafood. Places like George Inlet Crab Feast is packed out because of their amazing food. There are plenty of float plans and charters to head out on the waterways too. Did you know that there are bad credit auto car loans available to residents in and around the Ketchikan area? Sure, they know that you need reliable transportation, so they are standing by to help.

Getting A Bad Credit Loan in Alaska

Have you been denied a loan for a vehicle? So many people get turned away because they have a few blemishes on their credit report. Thankfully, you can turn your denial into an approval. Thanks to bad credit auto loans, you can get the car your family needs.