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Securing an auto loan with bad credit in Arizona can be a tough nut to crack if you’re not sure where to look. If you’ve been looking for an auto loan with a sketchy credit history, there’s a good chance you’ve been denied, or asked to pay extortionate interest rates. While there are certainly lenders out there unwilling to budge with their strict loan policies, there are other places that are more understanding. Believe it or not, finding an auto loan without perfect credit in Arizona doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. There are lenders out there willing to work with you to set up a reasonable payment plan, regardless of your credit score.

Car Buying and Dealership Requirements in Arizona

Before rushing out to get a loan to buy a vehicle, you want to make sure the dealer you’re going to be doing business with is compliant with all of Arizona’s laws and regulations. For example, dealers selling new vehicles must submit a Certificate of Appointment, authorized by an agent of the distributor or manufacturer. This critical document contains the name of the dealership, the make of each vehicle, and the address at which the vehicles are being sold.

Another requirement is that the dealership must be located in an enclosed, permanent structure. The dealer must either own the building or be leasing it. Selling vehicles must be the primary purpose of the property, and there should be enough space to display a minimum of two vehicles. Additionally they must have a permanent sign that is clearly visible from 300 feet during daytime. Note that if the dealer is only selling or recycling used vehicles, it is permissible to use a trailer as an office space.

Driving in Arizona’s Top 5 Cities

  • Phoenix, AZ By far the biggest city in the state, Phoenix is the commercial center of Arizona. In many respects, it’s also a great place to drive. Hosting one of the nation’s fastest growing freeway systems, its urban freeways rank first in the nation in terms of quality. Additionally, the state of Arizona as a whole ranks #1 in the US when it comes to the quality of their bridges. Despite being one of the most populous cities in the US, the roads in Phoenix don’t suffer from the same issues of congestion as other large urban areas. With ideal driving conditions making for fewer accidents and mechanical breakdowns, getting your own vehicle here is definitely worthwhile. Just make sure it has air conditioning – the summers can get very hot.
  • Tucson, AZ While it’s the state’s second biggest city, Tucson has less than half the population of Phoenix. But it’s still a nice town to drive in, and the high quality of road and bridge maintenance and Phoenix applies to Tucson as well. The following state highways and freeways are a part of Tucson: Interstate 10, Interstate 19, State Route 77, State Route 86, and State Route 210. If you ever get the urge to take a road trip down to Mexico, Interstate 19 leaves off of I-10, just south of downtown Tucson, and leads to the Mexican border.
  • Mesa, AZ Nearly the same size as Tucson, Mesa is a great scenic town that is best seen through the windows of a car. The city has a variety of interesting historical sites you can drive by and visit. The Alhambra Hotel (1893), Dr. Lucius Charles Aston House (1920), Lehi School (1880), and Robert Scott House (1909) are just a few of the city’s historical buildings that are open to the public. Mesa is also filled with outdoor recreational parks. The most notable one is Red Mountain Park, where you can enjoy a lake, playground, basketball court, and cement volleyball court. Finally, we would be remiss not to mention the area’s fantastic, championship level golf courses – Mesa Country Club is just one example. Needless to say, having a vehicle is mandatory for enjoying most of these attractions.
  • Chandler, AZ Chandler is sometimes considered a suburb of Phoenix, but visitors will find that it has its own community. Of course, some people in Chandler have to commute to Phoenix for work, which makes having a vehicle a distinct advantage for this area. The three limited access highways serving Chandler include: Loop 202, Lop 101, and Interstate 10. On the other side of I-10 you’ll find Ahwatukee, a Phoenix neighborhood.
  • Glendale, AZ Glendale likes to call itself “Arizona’s Antique Capital”, and has a number of notable historic attractions. The city is also host to a handful of festivals throughout the year, like the Glendale Chocolate Festival and the Glendale Jazz and Blues Festival. Like most of the state, it can get rather hot during the summer months, so a vehicle with air conditioning is an absolute must.

With a limited public transportation system, Arizona is a state for vehicle owners. Whether you’re making a commute for work, driving through one of the state’s many historical sites, or just cruising through the desert to get away from it all, you should have access to a vehicle if you want to live here.

A bad credit score might seem like a hindrance, but it doesn’t have to be. There are actually lots of lenders in the area who are happy to do business with people regardless of their credit score. Don’t forget: securing an auto loan and successfully making your payments on time can also be the first step towards improving your credit rating.