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Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the nation. Many of the people who call this lovely state home are active in the great outdoors. It’s a state that makes that very possible for people. With hiking trails, mountains, rivers, lakes, and skiing in the winter, it’s easy to stay fit and healthy living here. Living outdoors, taking advantage of being able to walk when you can, and being active makes life much more enjoyable. While many people here love to walk, many need a car. It’s not always simple to walk where you need to go when you don’t live downtown. Winter weather in Colorado is rarely conducive to a leisurely stroll to lunch or the workplace, and many people in the area need a car of their own.

There is public transportation available in many of the large cities in Colorado, but it’s not enough to keep people on the move and where they need to go at any time of the day. This is why many people buy a car of their own. If you have the need for a new car to drive around in Colorado, you might think you can just walk into a dealership, sign some papers, and walk out. Sadly, this is not the case for anyone who has bad credit. You’ll be denied your loan application, and you’ll wonder what you can do to afford a loan once you are denied.

There are options for you even if your credit is bad. You can apply for a loan with your credit union. You can apply for a bad credit loan from a local dealership or an online dealer, and you can ask someone to co-sign a loan. There are stipulations for each. The first is your credit union. You’ll need an existing relationship with one in Colorado if you have any hopes of being approved for a loan. You can have bad credit and receive a loan from a company here, but you’ll also need to ensure you haven’t had any mistakes on your credit report in at least a year or more.

While your credit union looks at more than just your score, it’s your recent payment history that interests them far more. If you’re making payments on time, your income supports your life, and your outstanding credit isn’t too high, you can qualify for a loan with your credit union. Just ask. You can also go to a dealer that has a lender in house that specializes in bad credit lending. This type of loan typically requires a large down payment, but it’s available to you and it’s a helpful loan to have. Co-signers might not be easy to find, and buying a car with the help of a buy here, pay here lender is never a good idea. It’s often necessary for many people, but it’s never safe. You don’t want a loan like this, because a loan like this is dangerous. Be sure you look for other options before you even consider this as an option.

Dealer Laws in Colorado

In Colorado, car dealerships are forbidden from simply opening their doors and doing business. They must apply for licenses, become certified, and prove they are aware of the law. If you find a dealer or a salesperson without the appropriate certifications and licenses, it’s time to walk away and forgo working with this lender or dealer. You also want to find one that’s transparent about their practices. Does the lender have a mechanic on hand that inspects all cars when they come onto the lot? These inspects should cover a myriad of issues that make cares unsafe to drive. If you aren’t looking at inspected cars, you shouldn’t be driving them.

You should know you can ask for a Carfax report for any vehicle at any time. The dealer is required by state law to provide one to any consumer who asks, and this should be done at no cost to you. It’s illegal to charge for this information, and you shouldn’t work with a lender that attempts to make you pay for this report.

Driving in Colorado

Anyone looking to purchase a car with a bad credit auto loan in Colorado should be very careful on the road. This kind of loan is difficult enough to secure without you getting into an accident and requiring a new loan for a new car. The laws are the same everywhere you go, and driving is most congested and dangerous in the biggest cities. This includes Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, and Lakewood. The same laws apply here as anywhere else in the country, but there are a few that might surprise you.

Alamosa is a city in Colorado, and you should know it’s illegal to throw missiles at a moving car in this city. It’s also illegal to drive a black car on a Sunday. This is inconvenient for those who drive black cars any other day of the week and need to get to church or anywhere else on a Sunday. This is only a law in Denver, though. While it’s illegal to drive under the influence, don’t think it’s legal to get on the back of your horse while under the influence, either.

Now that you know how to drive in Colorado and what laws to avoid breaking, it’s time to find a bad credit auto loan. You must save a down payment, work on your credit, and wait it out as long as possible to capitalize on both of those options. You have the power to do both, but you do need to know how to get a bad credit auto loan. There are options if you take the time to look into them and figure out which one works best with your financial situation.