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Debt plagues many families, and not just those in Kansas. The national average for household debt is approximately $16,000 in credit card debt alone. This doesn’t include any additional debt, such as car notes, mortgages, or student loan debt. It’s a vicious cycle many Americans find difficult to remove themselves from, and it’s a challenge for many. If you find yourself the victim of your own careless spending, a job loss that caused you little choice but to go into debt or stop making payments, or any other situation, you’re not alone. If you live in Kansas with your debt, you’re one of many consumers who find it difficult to buy a new car when one is needed. It’s not the kind of state that makes living without a vehicle simple.

It’s spread out, the biggest cities aren’t huge, and there’s very little in terms of public transportation available for those who live here. This means a personal vehicle is often a necessity rather than a luxury. When you can’t afford a loan thanks to your bad credit, finding an auto loan is a challenge you aren’t sure how to face. The good news for residents of Kansas is that there are options available for you when your credit is not where it needs to be. You can purchase a new car, but you’ll need to get to work improving your credit. Start making all your payments on time. Don’t miss payments, and pay off what debt you can as quickly as you can.

Bad credit lenders work for many auto dealerships, which means you might have the option for a bad credit auto loan by applying at a dealer with a bad credit lender. Your chance of being approved for a loan of this nature increases the longer your positive payment history appears on your credit score. For example, if you have late payments on cards or other bills a month ago, you probably won’t get a loan. If you have bad credit but have a year of positive payment history, you might have an approval offer waiting on you.

You can also try to work with your credit union. These Kansas lenders love working with their customers, especially when their customers have been loyal. Credit unions are more apt to look past the negative remarks bringing down your credit score in favor of looking at the positive ones. Negative items stay on reports for seven years, and it’s difficult to raise your score while they’re still on there. Even if you have years of good payment history, those negatives keep your score low until they fall off. Your credit union might work with you to create a loan that works for you and your finances, and they might do it at a much lower rate than any bad credit auto lender does it. The last thing you want to do is consider a buy here, pay here loan. These are high price loans that often cause you to default because the terms are so bad.

Dealership Laws in Kansas

Kansas law requires dealerships work within the confines of the law. Most of them are great about this, and they offer things you must utilize. With Kansas dealership laws on your side, you can find a car that’s used and in your price range while comforted by the fact it’s been inspected. Dealers work with mechanics with all the necessary certifications and licenses to inspect cars as they come onto the lot if they’ve been driven before. They’re checked to pass emissions tests, to pass safety tests, and to repair minor issues. If there is a recall on a vehicle, it’s repaired then and there. You know any car you purchase is a safe one.

It’s also great to know you have the option to ask for a Carfax report for any car you choose to buy. You must tell the salesperson you’d like a copy of the Carfax on the car of your choice, and he will bring it to you right away at no cost to you. If a dealer tells you this is not an option, they’re not being honest with you and you should go. All Kansas dealers are required to have the proper certifications and licenses to do business within the state, and no dealer may operate without these.

Driving in Kansas

The good news for Kansas drivers is the traffic issues here are relatively minor. The biggest concern comes during the bad weather season when severe storms are more likely than ever to spawn tornadoes. It’s helpful to keep a close eye on the weather anytime you are in the car, and to know where you can leave your car behind to find safety and shelter if a tornado occurs while you’re on the road. These are things that can save your life, so get to know them. If you live in one of the biggest cities such as Wichita, Overland Park, Kansas City, Olathe, or Topeka, you might worry about traffic. It’s not so bad in any of these areas, but it’s helpful to allow yourself enough time to drive to and from work or school every morning.

Living in Kansas doesn’t exempt you from experiencing the same financial difficulties as so many others, but there are always options available for you when your credit score is low and you find the need to purchase a new car. It’s important to save a large down payment so you can increase your chance of being approved for a bad credit loan. Lenders want to have some cash on hand when you sign the papers so they feel their investment is a bit safer. This is why it’s crucial you prepare yourself now and work on your credit every day. Let this be the first, last, and only time you ever fight to find a bad credit auto loan for your family.