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If you are one of the thousands of people that live in Maine with bad credit, then you may not know that there is help for you. You may feel that you are destined to drive around in an older car with many issues. There are lenders that specialize in helping people just like you. They give you a second chance and they help you to change the future. Are you being held down by your past credit mistakes? There are so many people just like you who just need someone to give them the tools to rebuild your credit. Thankfully, in the state of Maine, there is hope and help available for you.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Maine

Sometimes it seems that residents of Maine are cut off from the rest of the country. The winters are brutal and the cost of living astronomical. Still, you need a car or truck to use for transportation regardless of your budget. Bad credit auto loans work by giving those with poor, slow, or no credit a chance. Perhaps, you need a nice SUV that has room for six people. You may want a small car that is fuel efficient and is economical to drive in this massive state. Lastly, you may just need to upgrade your current car for something safer and in the current decade. All of these things can be done with a bad credit auto loan.


Located right on the Casco Bay, Portland is the largest city in Maine. If you live in this area, then you know all about the Old Port district’s fabulous shopping. This city is full of history. Some say it is the city that almost wasn’t as they had four major fires that nearly wiped the town out. A statue of a phoenix rising from the ashes has become their trademark. Portland is known for its ornate mansions and spectacular ocean views. Complete with brick pavements and cobbled streets, it’s the kind of place you want to settle down and raise a family. Even though it seems the whole town is dripping with wealth, even the hardest working folks can fall on hard times. Bad credit auto loans are for anyone who has past credit blemishes that need a car. While life may seem pretty perfect here, many dealers in the Portland area help 100’s of customers every day with their poor credit loans.


Located in Androscoggin County, Lewiston is the second largest city in the state. Its central location gives it easy access to just about everything. This city has a French-Canadian flare as it gets most of its influence from Montreal, Canada. Around 36,299 people call this area home. The town attracts many students for the infamous Bates and Bliss Colleges. The annual festivals and events in this area are abundant. People from neighboring communities and states come to the Bates Dance Festival, Lewiston-Auburn Mini Maker Faire, Great Falls Balloon Festival, Liberty Fest, Great Falls Brewfest, and the Ice Festival of Lewiston-Auburn. Getting around to all these festivals is made possible by a good automobile. The feeling of being able to buy the car you want, when you want it, is reassuring. However, there are many people in Lewistown who have horrible credit. Thankfully, dealers in this area cater to this kind of buyer. If you think you have no options left, then a bad credit auto loan may be just what you need.


Kennebunkport is located in close proximity to Portland. It is known for its spectacular beaches and laid back feel. Located along the Kennebunk River, it has historically been known as a shipbuilding and fishing village. People come here for the seafood eateries, art galleries, and souvenir shops. While this area has been known as a haven for the upper-class, there are plenty of people that live here with poor credit. Thankfully, they can find lenders willing to give them a second chance and get a car or truck for their transportation needs.


The population of Camden nearly triples in size during the summer months. The area is known for its tranquil beaches and overall serene feeling. The city has been dubbed the “Jewel of the Coast.” Due to its overwhelming beauty, the shores of this town have been used in many films. The downtown area has a carousel for children to enjoy, and there are plenty of festivals going on year round. When most people think of the beauty of the New England states, Camden matches their vision. The Curtis Island Light is always a big hit as is the Camden Snow Bowl. Do you long to drive down the coast with the wind in your hair? Perhaps, you want to have a vehicle that accommodates seven people for a tailgating party. In the day’s gone by, getting a car loan with bad credit was impossible. Now, people have options to get a car or truck for their family.


Biddeford has some of the best fishing around. Its prime location on the Saco River allows for all kinds of water related activities. Many come here to see the Fortunes Rocks and Granite Point, but there are plenty of other things to explore in Biddeford. The University of New England is located here, which draws many people to the area. College students know all about the difficulties of getting a car loan with no credit. Having no credit can be just as bad as poor credit. Many lenders in this area work with students and parents alike to ensure everyone has a car. When others have denied your application, a bad credit loan may be the answer.

New Wheels and Great Deals!

There are more than 1.33 million people that live in the state of Maine. However, while this is one of the wealthiest states in the union, it is estimated that one in four has a credit score below 600. If your credit is lackluster and you need a car, then you need a bad credit auto loan.