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One of the most common misconceptions people have about those who reside in New York is they don’t need a car of their own. While this is certainly true in the city, New York is larger than the city itself. There are many rural communities, smaller towns and cities, and there are plenty of people who live outside the city in these areas. They do need vehicles, and it’s not always easy to acquire one if you don’t have good credit. You can ask a friend or family member to co-sign a loan for you to purchase a new car, but many people are rightly hesitant to do that for anyone even if it is a loved one. If you have bad credit, it sticks with you for seven years. It’s not easy to raise your score when you have made mistakes in the past, even if you spend six of those seven years working hard to make all your payments on time, pay off your debt, and get your finances in order.

If you live in New York and you need an auto loan, you might not have any option but a bad credit auto loan. One great idea is to look online to see what options you have for a bad credit auto loan in your state. There are lenders everywhere happy to lend you what you need to purchase a car provided you have the appropriate down payment to make it a reality. There are also numerous car dealerships in various New York cities that allow you to apply for a bad credit loan in their offices. They work with lenders that understand many consumers live with bad credit since 2008 and the collapse of the economy. These lenders tend to work with bad credit buyers with a higher bad credit score, though.

If you have bad credit and want to apply for a loan with your credit union, it’s highly recommended you do so. This is a lender that works with you to get you what you need, and they take into consideration so much more than just your credit score. For example, if you lost your job in 2009 and were unable to make your credit card payments for a solid year but you got back on your financial feet in 2010, you have a chance. If you made all your payments on time, you’ve paid down your debt, and you have the correct income to support a new car loan, the credit union will work with you. You have six years of favorable credit and only one of bad in the long-ago past. It’s one of the best options for those who have bad credit. The rates are much lower even for bad credit applicants than they are for those who have bad credit loans.

There is no reason to assume you must apply for a loan with a buy here, pay here dealer. While these might be an option for those who have the worst credit, it’s the last option for anyone. The rates are sky-high, the terms are unfavorable, and you can make as many on-time payments as you’d like but you won’t see an increase in your credit score. It’s not the best option, but it’s a last resort for anyone with bad enough credit they can’t even secure a bad credit loan.

Dealer Requirements in New York

New York law requires dealerships adhere to specific terms and conditions when operating a facility in which vehicles are sold. These terms and conditions include not allowing any dealership to forgo the use of a certified mechanic to inspect all cars before they’re placed on a lot. While it might be find to sell a car with a dent or a scratch, all vehicles must be considered safe to go onto the road. A dealer without a mechanic on hand to inspect specific aspects of a car, repair all recall notices, and handle all issues is one working without the proper procedure in place.

Buyers should never work with a dealer that doesn’t have all its state certifications and licenses, and they should never work with a dealer unwilling to provide them with a free and immediate copy of a Carfax report to show the history of any vehicle. This is a state mandated law, and any dealer that does not abide by it is in direct violation.

Driving in New York

New York City is the biggest city in the state, and it’s the worst for driving. If you can avoid driving here, do so. It’s far better to take advantage of public transportation to help you get where you need to go. The Town of Hampstead, Brookhaven, Islip, Town of Oyster Bay, and Buffalo are the other largest cities in the state, and each one has its own traffic flow. It’s not a quick commute in any of these cities, but it’s one you can handle if you’re familiar with the rules of the road.

Following the rules of the road seems to be something many New Yorkers ignore in the city, but the rules and laws still apply despite the number of people who don’t follow them. Don’t get caught breaking laws to get where you need to go any faster than you must.

Driving in New York is an interesting experience if you choose to do it in the city, which you probably shouldn’t if you haven’t in the past. It’s a situation you want to avoid if possible, but it’s just like driving anywhere else in terms of the laws. If you need a loan for a car with bad credit, you do have options when you reside in New York. Talk to your credit union and to those at the local car dealerships to see what options are available to you. You might be surprised what options are available.