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Oregon residents aren’t always able to purchase a new car on a whim. Those who live with bad credit are unable to find a way to secure a loan through traditional means, and many aren’t aware there are other options available. Many Oregon residents have no idea there is a way to secure a loan with bad credit once they’re denied a traditional loan during the car buying process. For many, bad credit has ruined their lives. Not everyone intends on going into debt and making late payments, missing payments, or even losing their job and being unable to make ends meet. While there are always people in Oregon who do make poor credit decisions without considering the future, not everyone can control what happens to their finances.

Bad credit lenders understand this. It’s their job to look past the number on the credit score you provide and offer a chance. That chance comes with a large fee, but it’s a chance nonetheless. Bad credit lenders want big down payments, they charge astronomical interest rates, and they don’t make it easy to afford what you want. What they do is provide you with a loan when you need it most, which is how you are able to purchase a new car when it’s needed. Many car dealerships have a least one bad credit lender working with them to help those who can’t afford a traditional loan. By speaking to this lender, you learn what you qualify to borrow, for how much, for how long, and what type of car you can afford to purchase.

If you can’t work with a car dealership or you want to try another method, try talking to your credit union lenders. Credit unions are well-known for creating personal relationships with their customers that allow them to look past the number into the facts. For example, if your credit was damaged several years ago but you’ve been working hard ever since to correct the mistakes you made, your lender might consider you a good candidate for a bad credit loan. They can see that bad credit mishaps stick on your credit report for up to 7 years, and they get that sometimes your mistakes are only temporary and your life is back on track but you score just won’t rise no matter how careful you are.

This is one of the best alternative solutions to those who have bad credit but a great payment history in recent years. Your score might not be high, but your credit union is more likely to give you a chance than anyone else. They also offer much lower rates even if you have bad credit. If you have very low bad credit, you have a slim chance of even being approved for a bad credit loan. It’s not a great option, but applying for a loan with a buy here, pay here dealership to purchase a car might be the only option you have. It won’t raise your score, these lots don’t report to the credit bureaus, and your payments will be high as you’ll make them every two weeks. It’s an option, but it should be a last resort for all Oregon residents in need of a new car.

Dealership Laws in Oregon

Oregon law requires all car dealerships abide by a strict set of laws. One such law is that all dealers work with a certified mechanic to inspect each car they sell before it’s listed. All cars are subject to mishaps, broken bits and pieces, malfunctions, and even recalls issued by a manufacturer. The mechanic’s job is to inspect all the most important aspects of a car, fix any issues, and correct any recall issues before the car is sold. If a dealer hasn’t one of these, don’t work with them.

Another law Oregon car dealerships are required to follow is the state certification and licensing law. All dealers must have the adequate licenses and certification, and all salespeople must have the correct license to sell a car. These are not optional, and reputable dealers will have these on display for their customers to see.

All dealers are required by United States law to provide a car history report free of charge to the consumer regarding any vehicle they request. Any dealer refusing to do this is breaking a national law, and you shouldn’t stick around to carry on any business with this dealer.

Driving in Oregon

The weather is often cold during the winter, and it’s a good idea to learn how to drive safely in the snow before you hit the road in Oregon. It’s less of a problem inside the biggest cities where snowplows get to work before you even wake up. If you drive in Oregon cities such as Portland, Salem, Eugene, Gresham, or Hillsboro, you might find traffic is heavier, but the roads are easier to navigate. No matter where you drive in Oregon, you must always abide by the laws of the road. All the same national laws apply, but Oregon law has some pretty hilarious laws you must be careful not to break.

One such law regards your physical endurance. It is against the state law to test this while driving, but only on a highway. It’s also illegal to place your human fecal matter in any container along the side of the road, but you may do so if you do not leave the container behind. If you are a parent or have a baby in your life, please remove the baby from the running boards of your vehicle before you drive or you will risk being pulled over and issued a ticket.

Driving in Oregon means adhering to some hilarious laws that might seem like common sense, but obviously are not since someone had to do these things to require laws are made. Even if you have bad credit, you can buy a new car in Oregon and drive around on these roads. Just be sure you use your common sense when driving or risk breaking the law.