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Wyoming is a friendly state for those who are looking to buy a new or used car. Even if you have less than perfect credit, bad credit auto loans in Wyoming are available at numerous dealerships across the state. While many people choose to search for various banks online to help them get a loan, you’ll likely find it much easier to head to the dealership and have them do the hard work for you. When you do decide to buy a vehicle with a bad credit auto loan, you’ll need to bring in a few items in order for a bank to approve you. Some of those items include proof of residence (a phone bill, utility bill or apartment lease are all sufficient), at least one month worth of pay stubs from your employer, a valid driver’s license and a down payment. The amount of down payment you’ll need will depend on the bank, your credit, and the total price of the vehicle.

DMV Requirements for Purchasing a Car in Wyoming

The major difference between Wyoming and other states is that Wyoming allows individual counties to issue license plates.

If you plan on buying a new vehicle in Wyoming, the dealer will fill out a form that initiates a new title for your vehicle. The title will include the VIN number, make, model and year of the vehicle, and any other relevant information. For auto financing purposes, the finance company will be listed as the lien holder on the back of the title.

Used vehicles require that both the buyer and the dealership selling the vehicle fill out the appropriate sections on the current title. In addition, a bill of sale, proper insurance and registration forms all must be complete before you drive away.

Each county in Wyoming implement their own car title and license plate rules and regulations. It’s best to check your county clerk’s website for up to date information.

Driving Conditions in Wyoming

The majority of Wyoming is comprised of farmland, mountains and dense forest. The largest city, Cheyenne, holds a population of a little over 63,000 people. As the major center of commerce for the state, Cheyenne tends to get pretty congested during the week, especially during morning commute hours.

Snow is common during the winter months, especially in the northern part of Wyoming and near the Utah border. Motorists should be careful when driving as ice is common along major roadways. Jackson Hole and Teton National Park receive a significant amount of snow and motorists are often stranded overnight.

Having bad credit should never be a reason for someone to give up on buying the car they’ve always wanted. There are numerous banks and local car dealerships that help consumers every day obtain bad credit auto loans in Wyoming.