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There are more than 4.86 million people that call the state of Alabama home. From the north end of the state to the southern tip by the shore, it is one amazing place to live. Those who live here have felt the crunch of the high cost of living. In fact, the average price for a one-bedroom apartment is $950 a month. If you want to buy a home, then you can expect to shell out at least $294,000. You also need a good car to get around this 30th-most extensive state, which is also the 24th-most populous union. Those who have bad credit may find that getting a car through traditional meals may be difficult. Thankfully, there are plenty of dealers who want to get you into a new vehicle.

Owning A Car In Alabama

After you purchase a car in this state, you will have 20 days to register the vehicle. Unlike other states, Alabama doesn’t require emissions testing of motor vehicles. As long as you are 18 years of age, have insurance, and can maintain financial responsibility, you can purchase a car. If your credit is the one thing that seems to be holding you back, then your worries are over. There are lenders and dealers in all the major cities in Alabama. They want to put you in a new car today. All you need is an income, proof of where you live, and insurance. Here are the most popular cities where people shop for bad credit car loans in this state.


Tuscaloosa was one of the five capitals of the state. It served from 1826 to 1846. To get around this larger city, you may use the I-29 or I-50 freeways. There are more than 98,332 people that live and work in this city. This city is situated right on the Black Warrior River. People from surrounding areas come here because there is a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Seeing the sites is great if you have a dependable car. You may feel like your options are limited with bad credit. Don’t let your credit hold you back. Bad credit auto loans can help you get the vehicle you need.


As part of the Gulf Coastal Plain, Montgomery is a breathtaking area. This city sits right on the Alabama River, and it is home to more than 374,536 people. Many people pass through this area on I-65 and I-85. The area is dripping with old southern charm, but dealing with the traffic can be a nightmare. This city has many dealers that can help you finance your future. Life doesn’t always turn out as it should. If you had to file for divorce or bankruptcy, then you need a bad credit lender to help.


The Birmingham-Hoover metropolitan statistical area is home to more than 1,128,047 people. They are known for their southern hospitality and down-home cooking. Have you seen the traffic and congestion in this area? Can you imagine sitting in the scorching sun without air conditioning in your car? Many people drive around in their old beater because they think they cannot get financed. You don’t have to drive around constantly worrying about breaking down. You can get a good car to drive through Birmingham without a problem. All you need is the ability to make a payment. Stop worrying about the past! Lenders want to help those with bad credit.

Magnolia Springs

Magnolia Springs is located right on the Magnolia River. Many people tour this area to see all the places listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This town is one of the only places in the country to deliver mail by boat. While this sleepy little village is surrounded by bigger cities, getting to them may be hard if you don’t have a car. What is keeping you from a car? Did you have previous repossessions that are holding your credit score down? Many people think they are the only one to ever experience a repossession. Don’t worry! You can still get a car even if you have lost one in the past.


There is something wonderful about the Scottsboro area. Sure, it is located in close proximity to Huntsville and Decatur, but this city is home to the unclaimed airline baggage store. All of the numerous bags and things that are never claimed from the airlines end up here. Anything not claimed after three months can be sold. Of course, this store is not the only thing going for this city. The 14,770 people who live here think every neighbor is just like family. Those who live here mostly have to commute to work. You need a good vehicle to drive to a bigger region for work. Why not call a bad credit lender and see what kind of deal you can get on a loan?


As the fourth-largest city in Alabama, Huntsville is a thriving area. More than 441,000 live within this city’s border. There is a lot of traffic heading in and out of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and Space Camp. Cummings Research Park is another hot spot. The cost of living in this popular area is a lot higher than some other cities in the state. If you think your budget can’t afford a car loan because of bad credit and high-interest rates, then you need to talk to bad credit lender. They can get you into a car based on your budget and needs.

Getting A Bad Credit Auto Loan Is Easy

The Alabama resident needs to know that there are plenty of ways to get a car. There are numerous lenders who want to help. Traditional banks who look totally at the credit score. However, alternative lenders look to help those who have fallen on hard times. They know you didn’t intentionally mean to hurt your credit. Life happens to everyone. You just have to pick yourself up and begin again. The best way to start over is with a bad credit auto loan.