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Learn about the best bad credit car loan options to get the financing you need to buy a car, even with less-than-perfect credit.

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Bad Credit Auto Loans in New Hampshire

Bad Credit Auto Loans in New Hampshire

New Hampshire residents are not immune to living with debt, which means many live with bad credit. While many choose to ignore their credit score in hopes they can forget how bad their financial situation has become, others are forced to acknowledge how poor their credit has become when it’s time to apply for a loan for a new automobile. Most lenders refuse to lend money for a new car to anyone whose credit score is lower than good. Some lenders offer loans to those with fair credit, but the interest rates make these loans so unaffordable many choose to ignore them and not purchase a new car. If your score is lower than fair, you have even bigger problems at hand. You won’t qualify for a traditional car note, which means you’re stuck without a car in a state with fewer public transportation options than other states.

The good news is bad credit shouldn’t stop you from purchasing a car. There are options, but it requires being very disciplined and learning to compromise. The first thing to do when you have bad credit is avoid shopping for a new car until you have saved a large down payment. Lenders are more willing to work with someone who has bad credit if they have a lot of money to put down. Save at least 10% of the cost of the car you want to purchase, but expect lenders to ask for as much as 50% of the cost of the vehicle as a down payment.

Now you must find a lender willing to work with you and your poor credit history. The first option is a dealership that specializes in bad credit loans. Many large dealers do this, but you’ll work with a lender that won’t let you choose just any car on the lot. You’ll choose from a specific list of vehicles set aside for those who do have poor credit, and you’ll pay far more than you want for the car thanks to the high interest rate the lender will hit you with.

A second option is to speak to your personal banker or your credit union. These are lenders who don’t use only your credit score when making credit decisions. Your best chance is to do this if your bad credit history is in the past. For example, if you have bad credit because of financial mistakes you made years ago, you might have a chance of getting a loan. Your lender might see you had financial problems three or four years ago and decide since you’ve been making on-time payments, paying off your debt, and living without financial issues since then, they can work with you. These lenders know negative items sit ominously on your credit report for a staggering 7 years before they go away, and they aren’t going to punish you for those items if your recent credit history is favorable.

If you have very low bad credit scores to work with, you’re not getting a bad credit loan in the traditional sense. Now is the time to consider saving up to buy a new car with cash or work with a buy here, pay here lender. These lenders are going to take your money, give you a car that’s older and has high mileage, charge you two monthly payments, and they’re not going to report to the credit bureaus.

Dealer Regulations in New Hampshire

If you’re looking for a new car in New Hampshire but you have bad credit, you want to find a reputable dealer. If you’re not working with a nationally recognized brand dealership, you’re going to want to ask to see the dealer’s credentials. This means state licenses and certifications, and it means asking to see the licenses held by salespeople. These are all required by law, and no dealer can do business without these certifications and licenses. If you come across one that is doing business without, call the DMV to report them and do not do business.

One more thing to check with any dealer is their mechanic. It’s a state law to have one on hand to inspect each car that comes onto the lot. This mechanic’s job is to fix issues with cars, check for recalls, and check for safety issues. If you do find a car to purchase, ask for a Carfax history. The law states all New Hampshire dealers provide customers with this information free of charge. If they don’t, it’s a sign you don’t want to do business with this particular lot.

Driving in New Hampshire

Driving in this lovely state can prove challenging when snow is heavy, which means snow days are called and drivers are encouraged to stay off the road. There’s some congestion during business hours in the biggest cities, which include Manchester, Nashua, Concord, Derry, and Merrimack. These cities are larger than others, but they’re not huge. You might find traffic heavier there than any other cities, but you’ll also find you can listen to the radio to find out which roads are congested, accident-prone, and worth staying off.

A few more little laws to be aware of driving in this great state is you cannot have a ferret with you while you drive to go hunting. This is illegal, and grounds for legal punishment. It’s also illegal to allow a cow to cross a road if it’s not fitted with a device or machine that prevents its waste from hitting the road. Please call law enforcement if you see a cow doing this while you drive your new car courtesy of a bad credit loan.

Driving in New Hampshire is not impossible for people who have bad credit. It’s not going to be as affordable or as simple to obtain a loan for a new car as it is if you have great credit, but you can make an effort to find a new car with bad credit. There are options if you take the time to look for them and resign yourself to pay more than you want.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in New Jersey

Bad Credit Auto Loans in New Jersey

Having a bad credit history can be frustrating while trying to get an auto loan in New Jersey. Even if you’ve been handling your credit responsibly lately, your credit score can still be held down from past mistakes. Fortunately, there are lenders who understand that your credit score is only one piece of information. They realize that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances that negatively impact credit scores. Generally speaking, if you’re able to show you’ve changed your spending habits – or you’re willing to pay subprime interest rates as a show of good faith – you can find someone who’s willing to give you an auto loan.

Auto Buying and Dealership Requirements for NJ

The state of New Jersey has a number of important rules and regulations that auto dealerships must adhere to, to ensure that consumers are not taken advantage of. For example, the New Jersey Lemon Law protects consumers who purchase vehicles with serious defects that the dealer or manufacturer can’t repair. The law covers vehicles during their first two years or first 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. The law may apply to you if your vehicle has defect that remains after three repair attempts, or if your vehicle has been out of service for a total of 20 days.

Additionally, NJ has strict advertising rules for leasing vehicles. Any ad appearing in print or on TV must include the following disclaimers:

  • The ad must clearly state that a lease is what’s being offered
  • The name and address of the business must be included
  • Any payment that is required at the start of the lease must be explained
  • A toll-free number must be given for the public to call and request additional info
  • The payment info for the lease, including: number, amounts, payment due dates, and total amount charged

Of course, as with any state, it’s important for any auto dealer in NJ to have valid titles to their vehicles. Trading or selling vehicles without one is against the law, except in a few special circumstances.

Driving in NJ’s Top 5 Cities: What You Need to Know

1. Newark, NJ

The biggest city in New Jersey, Newark is very densely populated. Driving can be a hassle, and in fact many of the residents opt to use the city’s extensive public transportation system. However, having your own vehicle offers a level of independence that can’t be matched by even the best public transportation. If you have to commute for work, driving your own car may or may not be faster than the subway – it all depends on your proximity to the closest station, and where you work at. However, nothing beats the freedom of your own car for a weekend getaway, and there are plenty of lenders in the area who are willing to work with people who have bad credit.

2. Jersey City, NJ

While public transit is popular in Newark, it’s even more common in Jersey City. NJ’s second biggest city has a larger percentage of work commuters than any city in the country besides New York City. Still, if you’re willing to put up with the city’s traffic and shoddy roads, you’ll find that having a vehicle at your disposal is pretty nice. No more rude, pushy strangers, or awkward silences on the subway.

3. Paterson, NJ

Compared to the first two cities, Paterson is more of a conventional place to own a vehicle. Although it has public transportation as well, it’s not as extensive as the aforementioned locations. The city is served by Interstate 80, State 4, 19 and 20, U.S. Route 46, and the Garden State Parkway. Additionally, routes 3, 17, 21, and 208 also link to the city, making it a very convenient place to have access to a vehicle.

4. Elizabeth, NJ

Elizabeth has a quality train network, but it’s also a good place to own a vehicle. While the public transportation will move you efficiently to and from the city’s major checkpoints, it doesn’t give you the opportunity to explore and appreciate the city. Elizabeth was voted one of America’s 50 greenest cities by Popular Science Magazine, and the best way to capture that beauty while moving around is by car.

5. Edison, NJ

Similar to Elizabeth, Edison is another beautiful city that requires a vehicle to be fully appreciated. Finding an auto loan in either of these cities is possible with any credit background. Whether you’re buying or leasing, the key is understanding the terms of the loan. As long as you’re prepared financially and committed to making the loan payments on time, there will always be a lender out there willing to give you a loan.

The prospect of getting your own vehicle can be both exciting and frightening. There’s nothing like having the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. The scary part is when you look at your credit rating, and wonder if having that freedom will ever be a reality for you. Don’t let the challenge phase you – with a little legwork and persistence, getting an auto loan is possible for anyone. Once you’ve found a company that’s willing to work with your situation, you’re well on your way to getting the vehicle you want.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Missouri

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Missouri

Getting An Auto Loan with Bad Credit in Missouri is Easy!

In Missouri, it’s easy to get an auto loan with bad credit. There’s a reason Missouri is known as the “Show Me” state, and it’s because there’s a way to do everything. You can get an auto loan no matter if you have bad credit or no credit because there are many auto financing programs within the state. You can find some auto loan programs online and there are several dealerships, such as CarHop, who strictly work with those who may not be approved with traditional lending and you won’t have to worry about a big down payment. Lenders are becoming smarter about their average customer and with today’s economy, not everyone has a 750 credit rating with minimal debts. The average consumer most likely works in a call center or in retail, has imperfect credit, several debts and a mediocre salary. Not everyone works in a 9 to 5 blue collar job making over $50,000 a year, and Missouri recognizes that fact because the state is rich in factory work as well as customer service and retail. With places like CarHop and online financing like Capital One Auto Financing, you can finally catch the break you’ve been looking for and get the auto loan that you need so you can drive in style with a newer car while having reliable transportation. The days of paying for car repair after car repair are over because Missouri will “Show You” how to get a new set of wheels without breaking the bank even with bad credit.

Tips for Purchasing

When you purchase a vehicle from a dealership in the state of Missouri, you’ll need to be familiar with state laws in regarding a new purchase. You will need to have a valid ID for proof of identity and you must be at least 18 years of age to take out a vehicle loan because you are signing a legally binding contract that promises to make all payments on the loan until it is paid in full. If you fail to make your payments or get behind on the loan, your vehicle may be repossessed.

To license the vehicle, you will also need proof of auto insurance. If you’re taking out a loan on a vehicle, the state of Missouri requires that you have full coverage insurance on the vehicle and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will check this before titling the vehicle. You will also need to show proof of your paid personal property taxes for one or two years, depending on how long you’re trying to get tags for your license plates (either yearly or every two years). If you do not own any personal property, such as a car, truck, trailer, or boat, you must go to your local city hall or courthouse to get a waiver proving that you do not owe any past due personal property tax.

Sales Tax Rules

After all of your paperwork is in order, you’ll be required to pay sales tax on the vehicle that you just purchased. The tax rate can be as little as 4.22% or as high as almost 10 percent, depending upon the city or county where you reside. To get a better estimate as to how much cash you’ll need to pay your sales tax, you can use an online calculator to determine what your tax rate will be. Of course, you don’t have to pay cash; check or credit card will also suffice but the DMV may charge a surcharge for these alternate payment methods.

Auto Insurance Requirements

If you’re shopping for auto insurance before you make your purchase, there are a variety of options, including online and local agents. Depending whether you’re shopping around in St. Louis, Springfield, Columbia, Kansas City, Joplin or Independence, you’ll have several choices of local agents including State Farm, All State, Nationwide and many more. Insurance rates may vary from city to city based on population, driving records and other personal factors such as age, gender and your personal driving history. Luckily, the weather is generally mild in the Show Me state so insurance rates tend to be less than a state where the weather is more hazardous, such as Alaska or Colorado.

Alternative Auto Loan Options

No matter what your current situation is, there are plenty of options for auto insurance and auto loans for those with a less than perfect past. Aside from CarHop, most small dealerships have some sort of auto finance program tailored to those with poor or non-existent credit. Missouri also has many “buy here, pay here” car lots where you can obtain auto loan financing and make weekly or bi-weekly payments, depending on your pay date schedule. Sometimes, you can even find a car dealer that will include insurance on your vehicle and lump the cost of your insurance premium into your car payment.

Most lenders are willing to work with you regardless of your credit or job situation and want to put you behind the wheel. In some cases, you may even be able to obtain an auto loan without employment as long as you have a co-signer who can vouch for you if they are willing to put their name on the loan.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Minnesota

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Minnesota

Make, model, mileage, year, your personal needs and wants all make buying a car a challenge before you even consider financing. Vehicles aren’t a cheap purchase, and you’re tied to yours for several years at a time. It needs to be functional, safe, and it needs to be a vehicle you love so you’re not tired of it inside of a month. When you add financing a vehicle into the mix, it’s even more challenging. Do you use the lender’s a dealer works with, call your credit union, or seek outside financing elsewhere? What if you have bad credit? Surely no one will allow you to purchase a car with bad credit, but there are some options available to you when your credit score isn’t perfect but your finances allow you to purchase a new car in Minnesota.

Minnesota residents have options for bad credit loans when shopping for a new vehicle. It all begins with your credit score. Each of the three major credit bureaus uses a slightly different method of calculating your credit score. What’s bad for one consumer might be decent for another. If your score is below 600, it’s bad. If it’s above 600, it might be poor but not bad. It might be just below 680, which is where subprime rates begin to appear in your financing approvals. Before you can decide what’s available to you, you need to understand just how bad your credit score is. If it’s under 600, chances are slim you’ll be approved for a bad credit loan anywhere other than a buy here, pay here lot. If your score is above 600, you could qualify for a bad credit loan that’s a bit more traditional than other loans but with a much higher interest rate.

Know your score before you begin the hunt for a car loan. Now that you know your score, you can decide where you want to go. You can choose to work with a car dealership that promises even bad credit is worth their time. You can also talk to your credit union. Credit unions have personal relationships with their customers, and they’re often willing to look past the score and more closely at your payment history. If your bad credit is a result of specific circumstances several years ago yet you’ve managed to keep your payment history clean since. Negative items on your credit report haunt you for up to 7 years, which is why many lenders choose to look at your recent credit history more so than your actual score.

Another option you have for finding a car loan with bad credit is a large down payment. Many lenders open up their willingness to work with those who have bad credit if they’re able to prove they can pay a significant portion of the vehicle upfront. If you have a large down payment, let your lenders know so you can see what you qualify to borrow. It’s not always easy to find a loan for bad credit in Minnesota, but it’s also not impossible.

Buying and Dealership Requirements in Minnesota

If you’re nervous about purchasing a vehicle in Minnesota that’s not brand-new, you’re not alone. Many consumers with bad credit are forced to purchase used vehicles with higher miles, many of which come from lots that aren’t big-name car dealers. The good news for consumers with poor credit is dealerships in Minnesota are required to provide you with a specific standard of care. The Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services is a government-regulated program that handles the rules and regulations of all car dealerships in the state. The state requires all dealers are upfront, honest, and ethical about vehicles on their lots.

State law requires all dealerships are required to label all flood damaged vehicles as flood damaged. However, these laws do not apply to vehicles that fall into categories such as motorcycles and commercial vehicles. The law also asks that all dealers in the state have each vehicle they bring onto their lot looked over by a reputable mechanic. They must also provide the history of all vehicles to any buyer who requests this information prior to the sale of the vehicle. This helps protect all parties involved in the sale of a vehicle before it’s finalized.

Driving In Minnesota’s Biggest Cities

Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Bloomington, and Duluth are the five largest and most populated cities in Minnesota, but driving conditions aren’t nearly as bad as they are in many other large cities across the country. Driving in each of these cities does mean facing more traffic than other cities, but there are ways to ensure your commute is faster and more efficient. If you’re looking to buy a car in any of these cities despite your bad credit, you’re going to want to learn how to make driving in each city more productive.

The first bit of advice for driving in any of these cities is to use the “511” service. This is a service you can use via your cell phone. Enter the number, press send, and listen to real time traffic information. You’ll find information regarding the current traffic conditions, weather, and even if there is an accident or any road construction along your desired route. This service allows you to learn this information in these larger cities long before you hit the road and end up stuck in traffic.

Driving in Minnesota, whether you’re driving through the big cities or the smaller communities, is a lovely commute. With so much natural beauty, it’s easy to become distracted with the sights, but it’s also easy to find out how to make the most of your commute. Don’t let your bad credit stop you from purchasing the type of car you’ve always wanted, needed, or dreamed of driving. You have options no matter your credit score and by saving enough for a large down payment, you can guarantee a lender will work with you to get you driving.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Mississippi

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Mississippi

If you suffer from bad credit, purchasing a new car can be a challenge. Unless you have cash to use to buy your new car, you’ll need to finance at least a portion of your new ride with a lender. This lender could be anyone from a bank to a credit union, and these lenders have strict policies in place for determining who they’ll lend to and who they won’t. If you have bad credit, you’re less likely to secure an auto loan in Mississippi regardless where you live and what you do. If you do have bad credit, you have options. You must simply learn what your options are, how you can get around your bad credit, and that repairing your credit is a must if you’d like to avoid the hassle of financing a new car in the future.

Having bad credit doesn’t mean you’re stuck without any hope for a future vehicle purchase. It simply means you must work a little harder, spend a little more, and exercise a bit more patience than anyone else. There are a few ways you can still get a loan with bad credit, but it does depend on just how bad your credit score looks to the lenders willing to work with you. If you have ‘high’ bad credit, which is in the 600s closer to 680, you are more favorable to lenders. When your credit is less than 600, it’s worse than bad. It’s at this point many lenders aren’t willing to work with you at all.

If your bad credit is on the high side, you’ll find a number of major car dealerships who do work with bad credit financing. These dealerships have a lot filled with vehicles with smaller price tags that are approved for those who are shopping without an excellent score. You’ll tell the lender upfront your score is bad, and you’ll apply for financing before you shop. This allows you to find out what you’re approved for, how much money you’ll need to put down, and you’ll know what you can afford.

If you have a credit union you’ve established a relationship with, you can try to apply for a credit loan for a new car with them. These are lenders who develop a close, personal relationship with each member. The union is willing to look past the number on your credit report in favor of looking more closely at the history behind it. Unlike a traditional lender who looks at the number, you can speak to the people at the credit union and they’ll take your story into consideration. After all, your credit score might be poor, but it might be poor because you lost your job 6 years ago and spent a year missing payments. Since these negative items are on your credit report for a maximum of 7 years, you could still suffer from that.

Your credit union will take into account how long ago your poor credit issues occurred and how well you’ve been paying your bills on time since then. If you’ve got a low score but the past three years have all shown great payment history and headway on your debts, your credit union might give you a loan.

Bad credit loans are available everywhere for those who want to purchase a new car, but they do come at a price. Higher interest rates and a required down payment are just a few of the stipulations associated with a loan of this nature.

Dealer Requirements

Every state lawmaker governs the regulations and rules in place for those companies that sell cars to consumers. The law in Mississippi requires every dealer adheres to specific terms. This includes:

  • The fees associated with purchasing a new car
  • Applications for loans
  • Following the MMVC

Every salesman, company, and person associated with the sale of a new or used car is required to adhere to specific guidelines all encompassing the ethical and moral expectation. Buyers who walk into car dealerships do so with the belief they are being taken care of and cared for exceptionally. This is why dealers and salespersons must have the proper licenses, they must work within the realms of lemon laws, and they must know the dealer forms and handbooks from start to finish.

Driving in Mississippi

While many people who live in Mississippi drive in rural areas, there are some big cities in which drivers spend their time. Jackson, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Southaven, and Biloxi are all the largest cities in the state. Each one is popular with tourists, which means road conditions can become dangerous. Biloxi, for instance, is a place where many tourists visit to take advantage of river cruises, gambling, and casinos. It’s here you worry about tourists driving distractedly while looking at maps and GPS units, sightseeing, or potentially driving under the influence after a night at a casino.

Rush hour traffic while commuters go to and from work in any of these cities and smaller towns is always a concern for drivers, but it’s the weather that most concerns drivers in this state. It’s not uncommon for flash floods and tornadoes to spawn from dangerous storms without warning, and many of the coastal-lying towns face the threat of hurricanes from June through November. It’s wise to stay tuned to local weather and news stations to keep up-to-date with the weather and all that it brings with. You should also know what to do if you’re in your car when a tornado becomes a threat. Finding a low ditch or safe building is imperative. Remove yourself from your vehicle and seek a low-lying ditch or shelter. Neve stay with the car.

Driving in Mississippi is fun, but it’s a bit of a challenge for anyone with bad credit or little experience. Don’t let your credit stop you from learning how to obtain a car loan in this lovely southern state. You have options if you choose to exercise them when they’re offered.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Michigan

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Michigan

Michigan is commonly known as the center for the U.S. auto industry. However, if you’ve tried getting an auto loan in this state with bad credit, you know that getting the vehicle you want here can still be a challenge. Fortunately in this case, it’s a challenge that’s surmountable. As the state’s economy has fallen onto hard times recently, lenders have become increasingly aware that they can’t afford to simply deny loans to everyone with bad credit. There are many lenders in the area who are more than willing to work with you, whatever your credit situation may be. That means finding a realistic payment plan that you can afford, repairing your credit as you make the payments, and – most importantly – finally getting the vehicle you want.

Car Buying and Dealership Requirements in Michigan

When looking for a vehicle to purchase, working with a respected, law-abiding dealer can save you a lot of time and headache. Here are just a few of the requirements auto dealers in Michigan are required to adhere to:

Driving in Michigan’s Top 5 Cities

  • Multiple dealers may not pool their resources to meet the minimum resource requirements.
  • The place of business must be at an address where the Secretary of State can mail the dealer their license, customers can mail complaints, and a state representative can meet with them to review their records.
  • While dealers are permitted to conduct a large portion of their business out of a motor home, it can’t be considered the business’s permanent address.
  • If the dealer is a Class W license holder, they are not allowed to conduct any retail trades; they can only deal wholesale.
  • Class W dealers are not required to purchase dealer plates (though they can if they want). However, Class A and B dealers are required to purchase a minimum of two dealer plates. To apply for these plates, they must have 20/40/10 fleet insurance that covers all of the vehicles they own.
  • Dealer licenses expire Dec. 31 every year, and they must apply for renewal by Nov. 1 to ensure there’s enough time for processing.
  • Depending on the location, dealers in Michigan may be restricted from doing business on Sundays. If the county has fewer than 130,000 residents, they may complete a sale on Sundays. Motorcycles and recreational vehicles may also be sold on Sundays, and used vehicle parts may be sold anywhere on Sundays.

1. Detroit, MI

Detroit has seen its ups and downs over the past 70 or so years. Once seen as the embodiment of the American dream with a thriving economy, the city has recently fallen upon tougher times. Despite its recent economic woes, the city remains one of the country’s most important transportation hubs.

Detroit has a huge network of toll-free freeways controlled by the Michigan Department of Transportation. Interstate 75 is the city’s major north-south route, allowing access to Flint, Pontiac, and Troy. I-75, along with I-96, also connect the city with Kings Highway 401. This route also allows access to some southern Canadian cities in the province of Ontario, including the greater Toronto area.

2. Grand Rapids, MI

While the state of Michigan tends to be known for its connection to the auto manufacturing industry, Grand Rapids may actually have stronger ties to furniture production. During the latter part of the 19th century, it was given the nickname “Furniture City”, in part due to all the timber that was harvested in the area.

Major highways accessible from the city include I-96, I-196, I-296, BS I-196, US 131, and Bus. US 131. There are also a handful of freeways, including M-6 (named the Paul B. Henry Freeway) which connects I-96 and I-196 along the south side, as well as M-45, which takes you to Lake Michigan.

3. Warren, MI

Like much of the state, the auto industry has a strong presence in Warren. General Motors is easily the city’s biggest employer, while Chrysler comes in at third behind TACOM – part of the U.S. Army Material Command. As such, it has experienced the same hardships as other cities who depend on the auto industry. However, the city does have a nice recreation center, along with a system of 24 parks.

In addition to convenience, having a vehicle in Warren is advisable for safety reasons. Crime rates have risen in recent years despite a despite a decline in population. This means that walking in certain areas is not always safe. Having a vehicle here can keep you out of sketchy situations.

4. Sterling Heights, MI

In contrast to Warren, Sterling Heights is actually ranked as the safest city in Michigan out of cities with at least 100,000 residents. The city, sometimes considered a suburb of Detroit, has two main state highways: M-53 and M-59. Other important roads include Mound Road, which goes north-south through the city, 16 Mile Road, a main thoroughfare, and Utica Road, which crosses through the city diagonally going northwest.

5. Lansing, MI

Lansing is Michigan’s capital, and the most important city in the Central Michigan region. While the auto industry also has a presence here, most of Lansing’s major buildings are devoted to government functions. Major highways include I-69, which goes through Indianapolis to Lansing and on to Flint, I-96, which leads to Detroit or Muskegon, and I-496, which loops through the downtown area and connects with I-96 on either end.

Having a vehicle in Michigan is important for many reasons – not the least of which, their public transportation system is simply unreliable. Luckily, lenders in the area realize that good people can fall on hard times, or just make a silly mistake that leads to a bad credit rating. Finding an auto loan in Michigan with bad credit isn’t that difficult, as long as you’re willing to work with the lender’s terms and make timely payments.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Massachusetts

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Massachusetts

If you’re in Massachusetts, having bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t get an auto loan. In today’s economic climate, lenders understand that just because someone has poor credit history, it doesn’t automatically mean that they’re financially irresponsible. As long as you have a job or can prove that you have the ability to make timely payments on the loan, plenty of creditors will be happy to approve you. It’s true that you might have to pay higher interest rates. But in the long run, that’s a small price to pay for all the benefits that come with having your own vehicle. If you’ve been turned down, don’t let that discourage you – you’ve simply been asking the wrong lenders.

Car Buying and Dealership Requirements in Massachusetts

There are many rules that auto dealers need to follow. Working with a dealer who follows all of the laws and regulations is important, and gives you the best chance of going through a smooth, hassle-free purchase. Here are some of those rules in the state of Massachusetts:

Driving in the Top 5 Cities of Massachusetts

  • Like a number of other states, Massachusetts has a strong Lemon Law. In this state, it has provisions for both new and used vehicles. The law is designed to protect consumers from vehicles that are unsafe, or have substantial defects. The MA version of the law has an additional clause dubbed “Lemon Aid”, which states that anyone who purchases a new or used vehicle that fails to pass inspection within 7 days of the purchase has a right to a refund, as long as repairs would cost more than 10% of the total purchase price.
  • The Massachusetts Used Car Warranty Law states that consumers have a right to a refund if an issue arises during the warranty period that impairs the safety or use of the vehicle.
  • The same law also protects consumers against defects after the warranty period, on two conditions: 1) There’s been 3 or more repair attempts for the same defect, or 2) The vehicle was out of service for a total of at least 10 days after being returned for a repair or defect.
  • The defect must initially arise during the 30, 60, or 90-day period listed on your warranty. The warranty is automatically extended 1 day for each day your vehicle is in the shop for repairs.
  • It is illegal for a dealer to sell a vehicle “with all faults”, “as is”, or with a “50/50 warranty”.

1. Boston, MA

Boston is one of the most unique, storied cities in America. Whether your a die-hard sports fan, a history buff, or just enjoy want to enjoy a scenic area with low crime and pollution, this city has something to offer you.

When it comes to transportation, Boston is an interesting city. The city’s downtown streets grew naturally over time, without the guidance of a planned grid. As a result, they have become notorious among some for their difficulty to navigate. This undoubtedly contributes to the fact that Bostonites typically prefer to walk, or use public transit. Still, there are undeniable perks that come with having your own vehicle, even if it takes some time getting used to the streets here.

2. Worcester, MA

The second biggest city in Massachusetts – as well as the second biggest in New England, Worcester has many similarities with Boston. People here enjoy a high standard of living with a plethora of quality universities, a rich history, and many cultural events, like the Worcester Music Festival.

Despite these similarities, Worcester is significantly easier for drivers to navigate than Boston. Several interstate highways go by Worcester: I-290 connects Central Worcester to I-495, I-90, and I-395. I-190 connects Worcester to MA Route 2, along with the towns of Fitchburg and Leominster.

3. Springfield, MA

Springfield is the largest city in Western New England, as well as the economic and cultural center of the Connecticut River Valley. It was the home of James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss, LSD activist Timothy Leary, and holds the current headquarters of gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson.

Springfield and its surrounding area is filled with all sorts of interesting museums, periodic festivals, and parks. While the public transportation is adequate here, these are best explored independently by vehicle. Driving here is a pleasure, and can be done easily via the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90), I-91, or I-291.

4. Lowell, MA

Named after Francis Cabot Lowell, this city was originally founded as a mill town, and eventually became known as the cradle of the American Industrial Revolution. It’s also notable for the Cambodian refugees it took in during the Cambodian genocide, and currently has the second highest population of Cambodians in the US.

For drivers, the city is accessible via I-495, US Route 3, the Lowell Connector, and MA Routes 3A, 38, 110, 113, and 133. There are six bridges that cross the Merrimack River here, as well as four that cross the Concord River.

5. Cambridge, MA

Cambridge is widely recognized as an educational and intellectual center due to its prestigious universities. The most notable ones are Harvard and MIT, but Le Cordon Bleu, Hult International Business School, and Cambridge College are also among the quality institutions located here. Route 2, Route 16, and Route 28 are all viable transportation options if you have a car.

Whether you’re in the middle of Boston or on the outskirts of a smaller town, it’s nice to have access to a vehicle in Massachusetts. Finding a loan doesn’t have to be a hassle just because you have bad credit, either. Plenty of lenders here are willing to work with you, whatever your credit situation is. And once you secure a loan, the state’s laws will be effective at ensuring you don’t fall victim to a faulty vehicle.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Nebraska

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Nebraska

The Midwest is a love place to live, especially if you love the wide-open spaces and the slower pace of life. It’s not known for its big cities and urban dwellings, but Nebraska is known for being a wonderful place to farm, to live, and to raise a family. The cost of living in Nebraska is lower than many other states, but that doesn’t mean the debt-to-income ratio in the state is low. Many Nebraska residents live with ample debt, which has affected their credit scores and their ability to purchase a new vehicle. If you are a Nebraska resident who needs a new car, it’s time to learn what you can do in terms of financing with bad credit and fewer options.

Look outside traditional banks. You have a low credit score, so you’ll need to find alternative financing. One good place to start is a credit union. It might work better for you if you have an existing relationship with a credit union. If you don’t, it might be a successful venture. Credit unions are banks, but they’re banks that consider their customers more than just a number on an account. They are smaller and get to know their customers by name. They look past the score you have on your credit report to see if your most recent payment history is positive. All negative items sit unhappily on your credit score for seven years. If you stopped paying your credit cards 6 years ago, you have another year before those negative accounts fall off your report.

Now is the time to find someone who is willing to look past that. If you had a bad go of it a while back but bounced back and have been working hard on your finances ever since, it shows in your report. It might not show as much in your credit score, but it does show on your report. Your credit union might see a bad score but three years of on-time payments, more than minimum payments, and no missed payments and want to work with you.

The other option you have is to find a car dealer with a lender that works with bad credit in Nebraska. They’re all over the place, buy you’ll want to call first. Speak to a lender rep and find out what you can qualify for with your score. They’ll discuss the basics with you, because you don’t want to fill out an application that’s not going to be approved and risk lowering your score because of it. Finally, you can try a buy here, pay here type dealership. Beware of these, however. The rates here are much higher than a traditional bad credit loan. They’re dangerous, they don’t report to the credit bureaus, and they don’t bode well for you financially. They do offer financing to consumers with bad credit and a large down payment, which means having a down payment makes it a bit easier for you to purchase a vehicle.

Dealership Requirements in Nebraska

There are laws in place to protect anyone looking to buy a car in Nebraska whether your credit is good or bad. These laws protect the buyer and the seller, and they are designed to keep the roads as safe as possible. All cars that enter a dealership for sale must be checked out by a certified mechanic. This is to ensure they are safe for drivers, that they have no recalls, and that they aren’t water damaged for duds. This is to protect all involved, as they are large financial issues for both the buyer and the seller.

If you are working with a car dealership that doesn’t show licenses and certifications, ask to see them. The law in Nebraska requires all dealers obtain the proper certification and the proper licenses, and all people who work as a salesperson in any dealership must also acquire the correct certification and licenses. They should be displayed proudly in a dealer, but you can ask to see them if they aren’t. If you cannot get anyone to show you, walk away quickly.

Driving in Nebraska

When you are a bad-credit buyer in Nebraska, you aren’t so worried about driving conditions, but they might be of interest to you when you drive in the bigger cities. It’s imperative to know what you’re driving in before you buy a car. You don’t want to buy something with low gas mileage if you commute far or sit in traffic often. Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, Kearney, and Fremont are the biggest cities in the state, but that doesn’t mean traffic is bad in any of them. There are fewer than a half million people in Omaha, which is the biggest city. The fifth largest is Fremont, but there are only a little over 26,000 residents in the city.

One driving law you must be aware of if you live in Nebraska is the mountain driving law. If you are driving on a mountain in Nebraska, the law requires you drive with caution on the right to protect you from dangerous roads. The only problem with this law is there isn’t a mountain anywhere in Nebraska. It’s all flat land. There are many different laws in effect in Nebraska, and they might be something you want to learn if you’re in the market to buy a new car while you’re here.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Nevada

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Nevada

Nevada is a state with many residents, and many of those residents live with poor credit. It’s not often by choice, but it is because many residents were unable to pay their bills when the economy crashed in 2008. There were numerous job losses, business closings, foreclosures, and defaulted loan payments. Student loans are a massive problem for many consumers in the state. Most college grads have a least a few student loans, and many of them are unable to afford the repayments on these loans. This means they’re unable to make their payments in a timely fashion, and their credit was ruined. If you live here, you need a car. Many of the residential areas are large and spread out, and public transportation isn’t so easily available in smaller towns and residential areas.

If you’re in the market to buy a new car in Nevada, you might have a problem securing financing if your credit is bad. It’s unlikely lenders will work with you as they want to provide loans to people they are confident will pay them back. If you have bad credit, you know the struggle of finding financing for bad credit. If you want a new car, you’ll need to get creative. You can try to call your local credit union and ask them to work with you. These are lenders famous for looking at more than just a score, but at the payment history and most recent financial information available through a client’s history. They can offer loans at their discretion to those who have bad credit, but they can do it on their own terms and their own figures. You’ll pay high interest no matter what type of financing you choose.

The other option you have is to purchase a vehicle by visiting a dealer with an in-house lender that finances bad credit loans. These loans come with a high interest rate, they have many stipulations, and you’ll not be able to walk out of a dealership with a brand-new car. You must have a large down payment, and you must have an open mind. There is also an option for those who have exceptionally bad credit. It’s called a buy here, pay here dealership. This is always a last resort for those who want to purchase a car with bad credit. It’s not going to raise your score as these lenders don’t report to the credit bureaus. They don’t offer monthly payments, either. Most people who work with these dealers must pay bi-monthly, which means bigger payments and a lot of interest.

Bad credit loans are available for those who need them, but it requires finding a lender willing to work with you and someone who is willing to take the risk. You must have a down payment of at least 10% of the car’s asking price, and many times this amount is much more.

Working With Dealers and States Requirements

Working with a car dealer in Nevada means working with people who are required to uphold a standard of care. All dealerships must obtain proper certification and licensing through the state. They must keep up to date with this information, and they must have salespersons that have the same certifications. If they don’t, they face not only fines but also prison time for working without the state mandated paperwork. All dealerships must have each car inspected and repaired before it’s placed on a lot for sale.

You’re the buyer, which means you must know your rights in terms of state law working with a dealership. The State of Nevada wants buyers to know they have the legal right to ask all dealers to show the car’s history to them prior to making a sale. If the dealer does not do this or attempts to charge a buyer for it, it’s considered illegal. Dealers are required by law to provide a free Carfax report to any buyer who asks for it. This helps you understand what you’re buying, what you’re getting into with a car that might become your own.

Driving in Nevada

Nevada is a lovely state, and driving here is a lot of fun for those who love the scenic route. With both flat land and mountains, there are many beautiful routes to take while you drive here. If you drive in the largest city, which is Las Vegas, you can expect to face some traffic on your way to and from work and especially on the weekends. There are a few other cities that are quite large, such as Henderson, Reno, North Las Vegas, and Sparks. Each of these cities have several hundred thousand residents taking up space on the road. This means insurance rates and car crime rates are a bit higher, and your chances of being involved in a car accident are a bit higher.

If you drive in Nevada, you might want to know the rules of the road. There is no legal way to drive and talk on the phone or text if you have the phone in your hand. If you have a camel you want to drive down the highway, you’re not able to do that legally. It’s also illegal for anyone to place a bench in the middle of any street or road in Nevada. This law is in place to keep the people who drive down any Nevada street safe when they are behind the wheel of their car.

Nevada driving can be fun, but it’s stressful for those with bad credit. If you need a new car to replace the one you’re driving now, you know it’s not easy to find financing. However, you can find it. You can save for a down payment to make it easier, work on improving your credit, and you can apply for some non-traditional financing methods in Nevada. You can get a new car and a bad credit car loan if you put forth the time and effort.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Louisiana

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Louisiana

Down on the bayou, things can get a bit crazy. Louisiana is a great state to call home. Within its borders, there are plenty of places that offer southern hospitality. Thankfully, you can almost always find someone serving up crawfish pie. Eating Cajun style food or not is a prerequisite to live in the area. However, one thing that is a requirement is having a decent vehicle to get you around. If you are one of the 25 percent of Americans who have poor credit, you may feel your only option is to pay cash for an older car with repair issues. Still, there are numerous lenders who devote their lending to those with challenged credit profiles. You can drive away in a new or used car that is dependable, fits your needs, and will give you peace of mind.

Getting A Bad Credit Auto Loan in Louisiana

If you are new or thinking about moving to the area, you will need to make sure you transfer all your car titles and registrations to Louisiana within 30 days. If you don’t have a vehicle, buying one in the area is no problem. There are car lots on every corner that are begging for business. You may feel that getting a loan is unimaginable due to your poor credit. There is hope and help for those with bad credit. It doesn’t matter what is on your credit report. If you are working and trying to better yourself, many lenders will give you a chance. Do you have a job, proof of residence, insurance, and some names to give as references? Getting a bad credit car loan is easy.

Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is one of the best towns around. This city is home to the infamous Raising Cane restaurant. If you want entertainment, then there are plenty of casinos and riverboats to enjoy. This city is situated on the Mississippi River, so there are always water activities going on. More than 830,480 call this area home. The Horace Wilkinson Bridge is a beautiful sight, but the traffic is not for the faint of heart. There are always accidents by the dozens on these roadways. Though the south is supposed to be a slower pace than other areas; Baton Rouge is not an area for an inexperienced driver.

Jamming all these people into a small the small 76 square miles of space makes for some interesting driving experiences. The area has a humid subtropical climate, which is perfect for convertibles vehicles. Do you need a new car? There are many lenders in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas who want to help. Bad credit financing is very popular here. If you want to get into a convertible, it can happen regardless of your past credit history.

New Orleans

“The Big Easy” is one of the most popular cities in the world. Living in or near the French Quarter or any of the other spectacular sites is a dream come true for some. Being in the middle of the action comes with a hefty price tag. A city that was once wiped out by Hurricane Katrina has come back with a vengeance. Taking part in Mardi Gras and all the other events in the area may have you strapped for cash. If you are one of the many people who let bills slide in your younger days for a night of fun, then you are not alone. You can still get the car, truck, or mini-van you need even if you have slow pays on your credit. How fun would a mini-van be in a city like this? You could haul many of your friends around for a night on the town.


Shreveport is the third-largest city in the state of Louisiana. It sits along the Red River. More than 441,000 people call this area home. Situated on the Louisiana/Texas border, residents can enjoy the best of both worlds. Riverboat casinos suggest the appeal and charm of yesteryear while providing visitors with thrills and excitement. Some people come to see the Jubilee Zoo, which is one of the best zoos in the country. The Gardens of the American Rose Center appeals to both rose enthusiast and horticultural fanatics. No matter where you go in Shreveport you need a car. Getting an automobile may be difficult with bad credit, especially if you are going through traditional lenders. There are many lenders that want to put you in a car today!


Settled by a French aristocrat, Lafayette is a very historic area. It is located on the southwestern side of Louisiana, and it sits on the Vermilion River. “The Hub City” has more than 611,774 residents. Many people love exploring sites like Cypress Lake,

Lake Martin Rookery, and the Cathedral of St John the Evangelist. No matter what you want to explore, you need a vehicle to do so. Getting around is difficult without wheels. However, those who have bad credit think they cannot get financing. It is so simple to get a car loan no matter how poor your credit. As long as you can make a payment and have a valid identification card, you can be approved.

Lake Charles

Lake Charles gets its name from the lake that surrounds this city. The white sand beaches of this freshwater body of water attract many visitors. It is known as the “The Festival Capital of Louisiana” as there is always something going on in this region. As one of the biggest casino markets in the state, there is no reason to ever be bored. You may strike it big and have enough money to buy a new car, or you may have to rely on financing like everyone else. Even if your credit lackluster, you can still get approved.

Drive Away Today!

Stop letting your past credit mistakes dictate your future. You can have the car you need and a payment you can afford. There are numerous lenders in Louisiana that are just waiting for you to call.

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